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MARK OF GLORY GROUP (Mark Of Glory ltd)

Vision Statement

To be a multidivisional and multinational group which makes maximum impact in different aspects of life all over the world. And also to be a proficient organisation that impacts our clients through efficient services and products as well as impacting on our staffs, by being one of the highest paying organizations in the world and reducing world wide unemployment as much as possible.

Mission Statement

To reach our vision by stepwise activities and growth in order to successfully render satisfactory efficient services and products to our teaming clients, reduce worldwide unemployment and pay very good and satisfactory wages to our staffs.

MARK OF GLORY LTD (Mark Of Glory Group) is a cooperate establishment which has MARK OF GLORY Foundation Worldwide as one of its major operation tools. Other tools are Mark Of Glory Specialist Hospital, T.I.T.I.D.U, Mark Of Glory Health Digest and more. It has the primary objective of making maximum impact in different aspects of life all over the world .

She has a vision to provide as many job opportunities as possible in order to impact the lives of these people by providing them with with part of thier financial neccesities and also provide services to as many clients (persons, groups, and/or organization) as possible; as well as enlightening and developing people as much as as possible.

In trying to achieve these visions and make dreams realities, certain modus operandi and rules and regulations has been laid down, developed and followed adequately.

Mark Of Glory Ltd is here to make maximum impact, let the earth be glad.

  • God bless our generation and those yet unborn.
  • God bless Mark Of Glory Ltd
  • God bless our well wishers.

Divisions in Mark Of Glory Group

Mark Of Glory Group comprises of different divisions, that has been mandated to carry out human and capacity building oriented programs capable of fostering integration and better the life of individuals and the general public at large.

Mark Of Glory Specialist Hospital

We have a multi-specialist care hospital with many doctors, 24 hours doctors services & involved in Clinics MATERNITY, SURGERY, ULTRASOUND scan, peadeatrics,NEONATOLOGY, EYE CARE, Obstertrics & Gyneacology.Read more

T.I.T.I.D.U.(Talents, Ideas, Technology and Innovations Development unit)

With our T.I.T.I.D.U. we are committed to developing and ehancing unmilked potential which are neccesary in developing the individual


We Produces quality that meets up to standard and specification, we believe quality is our trade mark so we work towards achieving that with all resources available


Elightening the future generation of the possibilities and resources available for self development in our competitive society today.

Our Future

We aim at developing an open network and infastruture that meets up with the latest technological innovation in our daily activities and operation. With a competitive society we hope to meet up by manning every available opportunities to make sure we remain at the top at Mark of glory ltd


Developing and enhancing intellectuals to be productive